A Site for Semi Freeform Loc Stars?!

If you are on this site, you are most likely trying to decide if semi free forming is right for you or you are already on your journey and want to learn more.

So, what is semi freeform loc’n? It is the process of locking with little manipulation of the hair. One may start their locs with comb twists or coils, braids and/or two strand twists but they do not retwist often to maintain a “neat and organized” look.  Many shy away from this form of locking for reasons such as work or not feeling they will be accepted by society. Some semi freeformer’s do not retwist at all and do what you may call  “popping” to keep the locs from forming bigger locs or congos. Some semi freeformers retwist once or twice a year. This really depends on the person.

With so many dealing with thinning hair due to over twisting as well as those who prefer their locs sitting on a thick fro, semi free forming is much more common than many believe.

This site will shed light on this form of locking, the challenges or nah and feature semi freeformers from around the world to inspire you!


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